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Dobe = A kiss?

Who: Naruto, Sasuke, Keiko, Kakashi, Itachi, Neji, Shikamaru, Kuina, Temari
Warnings: Angst

Bunny: *chu~~~~!!!!!*

Loki: *chuuu~~~<3!* Happy it's Friday?


Bunny: Yes ^_^ very


Loki: *laughs* Me too. Oh, hey -- I just got the new Naruto game for the PS2.


Bunny: oooo any good?


Loki: I like it!  'Tachi's in it. He's SOO hard to beat, and you have to fight him twice in the story mode!!! >.<


Bunny: hee hee naturally XD


Loki : First with Kakashi, and the only requirement is that you win. It took me EIGHT tries to manage it!! He's got this one attack with a shadow clone: he and the clone knock you around between each other for a bit, then send you flying.  And if you get caught in the Tsukiyomi, it's OVER, 'cause even after the attack you're caught and can't move so you end up just standing there while 'Tachi kills you DED. >.<


Bunny: Itachi says he is already quite pleased with the game. ...Kakashi and Keiko are just frowning


Loki: *laughs*  The second time, you fight him with Sasuke, and there are three requirements: you have to fight 'till the timer's up, you have to keep 50% of your life, and I'm spacing on the third for some reason.  I'll remember later. Anyway, I had to fight him twice before I won.  I've always done best with Sasuke and Neji. Kakashi's not my strong suit -- see if that makes him feel better.


Bunny: Kakashi says for you not to worry about it. 


Loki: Aww... he's so nice.  He /is/ a good fighter (I know someone that kicks butt with him), just not my cup of tea.  'Course, if I'm using Sasuke, I'm nearly unbeatable. ^_^


Kakashi: well of course I'm Nice ^_^ **snickers** not that I can say much for Sasuke's "niceness"


Loki: *giggles* True, but he's cute enough to make up for it!


Kakashi: hnn though can it make up for his cruelty?


Kakashi: **snickers again**


Loki: Eh? What's he done now?


Kakashi: **barely holding in laughter** Oh just taught Keiko something new. Though it -really- shouldn't effect anyone but Naruto.


Naruto: *suspicious* I have to kick teme ass, don't I?


Loki: O.O...


Kakashi: Maybe, but it's kinda cute.


Naruto: *narrows eyes* What is it?


Kakashi: **calls** Keiko-chan~~~~ come here please

Keiko: **comes running in, lights up upon seeing Naruto**


Naruto: *grins* Hey, Keiko-chan!


Keiko: **Huugles, proudly** Hi Dobe!


Kakashi: **is straining not to laugh**


Naruto: *twitches* Keiko-chan...


Keiko: **completely clueless, sunshine smile mode** Little Mr. Scary man told me that calling you that shows how much I love my Nii-chan!  Says it's like a kiss!


Keiko: and I love Nii-chan this much **opens arms wide**


Naruto: ...Kakashi-sensei?


Kakashi: yes? *still smothering laughter**


Naruto: Congratulations. You're single again.


Kakashi: **blinks** pardon?


Naruto: *cracks knuckles, smiling beautifically* I'm gonna kill the teme.


Kakashi: aw but don't you think it's cute? **covers mouth to hide obvious grin**

Keiko: **is smiling cheerfully**


Naruto: No. *turns to Keiko* Gomen ne, Keiko-chan, demo, Akunin-chan wasn't telling you the truth. Nii-chan /really/ doesn't like to be called that.


Keiko: **tilts head downwards, frowns a little** Gomen Nii-chan.  I didn't know.


Naruto: *ruffles Keiko's hair, smiling* I know you didn't, so it's okay. I'll let it slide, just this once. *faux stern* But I'll have to /tickle/ you if you do it again. Understand?


Keiko: **giggles** okay!

Kakashi: ah leave it to Sasuke-kun to take advantage of little kids. Which is strange because he really does love kids


Naruto: *laughs and pats Keiko on the head again* Good girl. *stands, looks at Kakashi* Does he? That kinda makes sense. The weirdest people like kids, yanno? Neji adores 'em.


Kakashi: *slightly suprised** you know that really shouldn't shock me.  I mean he does.... **trails off**


Naruto: *nods* Un. He stays away from Keiko-chan 'cause he doesn't want her to remember him, but isn't he always giving her candies 'n stuff when they do meet? *pause, furrows brow* Wait, he does what?


Kakashi: uh I'm trying to finish that sentence without sounding insulting in any way... hey… /that's/ where she's getting all the sweets from, I thought for sure it was you.


Naruto: *shakes head* Nope, not me. And Neji's in his hammock again, he won't hear you.


Kakashi: you know... um... I want to say... feminine... but that doesn't quite fit...


Naruto: ...Uke?


Kakashi: yes that's the word


Naruto: *grins* Yeah.


Keiko: Little Mr. Scary man is here!


Sasuke: Hey


Naruto: *continues smiling* Hey, sensei, get Keiko-chan outta here for a bit, will you?


Kakashi: **sigh** no you can't kill him Naruto


Sasuke: Hn? (smirks) What's going on?


Naruto: *twitches slightly, keeps smiling* He messed with my Keiko-chan. Blood is called for.


Kakashi: you sure are protective of her


Sasuke: (starts chuckling)


Sasuke: Keiko-chan, how are you?


Naruto: *drops smile, aims a deadly glare at Sasuke* Leave her alone, teme!


Keiko: good!


Keiko: *looks at Naruto* is it bad to talk to Little Mr. Scary Man, Nii-chan?


Sasuke: (is still grinning ear to ear)


Naruto: It is today. Not that he'll live to see tomorrow... *still glaring*


Sasuke: Keiko, (points to himself) I'm not bad, am I?


Keiko: umm... **is confused**


Sasuke: The dobe is just being a dobe.


Keiko: he just gave you two kisses! ^_^


Naruto: Just go play somewhere else, Keiko-chan. Nii-chan will come find you when it's safe.


Kakashi: **snickers**


Sasuke:..... (facepalm) Why don't you give Naruto a /kiss/ Keiko?


Naruto: *twitches*


Keiko: but Nii-chan doesn't like being called that, but dobe equals a kiss, and a kiss is good, but dobe means a bad thing **is really confused**


Naruto: It's not a good thing. He lied.


Sasuke: See Naruto? You should have just left it. Now she's all confused


Naruto: A kiss equals a kiss - nothing else. And you leave Keiko-chan alone -- she got this from you!


Kakashi: **is holding his sides now** You guys are fighting like an old married couple again XD


Sasuke: Hey, it wasn't my fault she took it the way she did


Kakashi: that's not entirely true Sasuke

Keiko: **frowns** So Little Mr. Scary man is bad.... like Sound?


Kakashi: okay time to go Keiko!


Naruto: *blinks, surprised* Like Sound? *frowns at Sasuke* It would so serve you right if I said yes.


Sasuke: (glares now) Nothing is as bad as Sound. And she wouldn't believe you anyways


Kakashi: **is ushering Keiko out of the room** go on now Keiko-chan, we'll come for you later kay.

Keiko: **is pushed out of the room**


Naruto: You'd know, wouldn't you?


Kakashi: now is this /really. worth fighting over?


Naruto: *crosses arms and huffs*


Sasuke: No, Naruto's just being dramatic, as usual


Kakashi: **facepalm** here we go


Naruto: *glaring again* Says the /traitor./ Twice over, no less! What a track record!


Sasuke: Shut up, usuratonkachi or maybe I'll ask you again why you left on that little training trip wilthout telling me


Naruto: /That's/ none of your business - and it doesn't even compare anyway!


Sasuke: Hn, then shut up dobe or maybe I'll get tired of Konoha and leave again


Kakashi: **whips head around, looks a bit hurt, frowns deeply**


Naruto: Are you gonna try killing me first? /That'd/ just make it complete.


Sasuke: Asshole. Why do you love bringing up the past so much? Aren't /you/ supposed to be the optimistic one? And I thought /I/ was stuck in the past


Naruto: *glares* Optimism only gets you so far if it's not tempered by reality, Sasuke. And it's not like /you/ were daemon-possessed when you nearly put your hand through my chest - that's a reality.


Sasuke: (looks away) If all you're going to do is lecture me then I'm leaving


Kakashi: **frowns more** Sasuke...


Naruto: *bitter* 'Cause that's /always/ the best answer, right?


Sasuke: (bitterly) It's better than putting my hand through your chest, isn't it?


Naruto: *opens mouth to retort, stops when Neji shows up*

Neji: *comes from behind, taking Naruto by the shoulders* Calm down,

Naruto. *to Sasuke and Kakashi* Sorry. Hold on a moment. *leads Naruto away* Come on, let's get you some tea.


Kakashi: I was /just / about to step in myself. Thanks Neji


Sasuke: (is still looking at the floor)

Shikamaru: *comes in from behind Sasuke and stretches* Man, you could cut the tension in here with a knife


Itachi: **enter, slightly pissed** Some one has some explaining to do.


Itachi: /Why/ am I being assosicated with Sound?

Kakashi: **sighs* I'll handle it **leaves room**


Neji: *returns, frowning* So much for reading my new book tonight... what in the world happened?


Shikamaru: (looks at Sasuke witha  raised eyebrow) I don't know, no one's talking.

Sasuke: (is silent and brooding)


Itachi: hnn well someone had better speak up.  I'm getting Impatient.  Otouto, since your fox friend and your boyfriend aren't here...

Kuina:  Now, what's this I hear about Sasuke teaching Keiko new words?


Itachi: well Kuina-san going to want to know what happened to Keiko so someone speak up


Kuina:  ...  is there more to it, then?  Someone better start talking....


Itachi: Otouto, stop being so stuborn and please say something


Shikamaru: every time we get together, someone has done something to Keiko


Kuina:  So I've noticed...


Itachi:.... that is true. *sighs*


Itachi: Otouto don't mak me ask Naruto-san what happened


Neji: I wish I knew. I was just reading upstairs. *to Sasuke, concerned* What did Naruto say to make you feel so guilty?


Sasuke: (blinks in surprise) Wh... How...?


Itachi: **looks at Neji**


Kuina:  That poor little kit is going to end up so screwed up....


Itachi: **raises eyebrow at Neji, before shaking his head**


Kakashi: **walking back in, sighs** Kuina's here now too?


Kuina:  Yes, and now it seems everyone is too afraid of me to talk.


Neji: Sasuke... are you going to be alright? Naruto didn't mean to hurt you so badly, he's just a little... stressed.


Sasuke: (is still staring at the ground) Whatever.


Itachi: **walks in front of Sasuke, whispers** I can't help if I don't know what's going on Otouto.


Sasuke: Naruto's just being... Naruto


Itachi: you are going to have to give us more than that.


Neji: *frowns, concerned* Naruto isn't vindictive. You, of all people, should know that. And he probably deserves to have you so angry.


Sasuke: (sighs) I /know/. It still.... still makes me... Even though I know he doesn't necessarily mean it... But he said it right? Which means some part of him believes it.


Itachi: where /is. Naruto anyways?


Neji: *sighs* He's upstairs on the balcony, calming down. He definitely won't hear us down here. *rubs temple* I should probably talk to him soon, but I want to clear thing up here, first.


Neji: *to Kakashi* Keiko-chan is alright, isn't she? I didn't think she was distressed...


Temari:  *in full feral form*  Kuina, you just had to mention the moon to Taela, didn't you?


Kuina:  Don't blame me!  She was already planning on checking it out tonight anyway. Where is Keiko, anyway...?  She normally comes right out when I show up.


Kakashi: I didn't talk to her, she's in her little corner in the attic so I left her be.  I think she just confused though.


Itachi: I'd like a word with him as well


Neji: That's fine, I thought that'd be all. Nice look, by the way, Temari-san.


Shikamaru: (is staring at Temari, wide eyed)


Kakashi&Itachi: **appear unfazed, have seen worse things in life**


Temari:  *glares at Neji* 


Kuina:  She's a little pissy tonight...  just a little.  *dodges Temari's swipes*


Temari:  Shut it, foxgirl!


Shikamaru: Maah, Temari, stop being troublesome


Neji: ...Right. Nara-san, watch your step.


Itachi: I do believe we need to focus on the problem at hand. be careful Nara-san


Temari:  *sighs and walks over to Shikamaru*  She started it.


Kuina:  Like locating Keiko? 


Kakashi: she's in the attic, far corner. Behind an old dresser.


Kuina:  *heads off to find Keiko*


Keiko: **is right where Kakashi said she is**


Kuina:  Keiko?


Neji: *starting to get a headache, but ignoring it* Now that that's clear... Sasuke, you know how Naruto is -- do you really think he'd think badly of you? There's no need to be so upset about it. Whatever 'it' is.


Keiko: **peeks out from behind the dresser** Kuina-nee?

Itachi: *sighs* things would be much easier if you'd just tell us


Sasuke; I'll get over it



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Nov. 17th, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)
Kuina: There you are, Keiko. Are you ok?

Kakashi: *frowns** your starting to sound like Naruto.

Keiko: yeah! **runs to Kuina**

Itachi: this is "troublesome"

Shikamaru: I agree

Itachi: we're not going to get any useful information out of Sasuke it seems...

Sasuke: He was just.... bringing up the Valley of the End... when I left for Sound

Neji: *looks sternly at Itachi and Shika* A little compassion, please. *to Sasuke* Cheer up. I'll talk to Naruto, and he'll be back to apologize and treat you to ramen in no time.

Kuina: *scoops up Keiko* Seems quite a bit's happened while I was away.

Keiko: **smile dampens a bit* yeah. A lot has.

Kuina: Something wrong, Keiko?

Neji: *smiles wryly* In fact, he may not even insist on ramen, he'll feel so bad.

Sasuke: (snorts) I'm going to be the one who ends up treating /him/ (small grin)

Keiko: Nope! it's okay cause you and Nii-chan are back!

Itachi: *satisfied grin**

Neji: *hums, satisfied* Everyone's cheering up, then. Time to deal with Naruto...

Itachi: **starts towards the balcony** Shall we then

Kuina: *grins* That's good. Want to tell me about it?

Neji: *nods* Sasuke, Kakashi-san, if you need us at all, come on up -- we won't hear you otherwise, ne? *smiles lightly, then follows Itachi*

Keiko: .... **tilts head downwards a bit, softly,** about what?

Itachi: hnnn *knocks softly on balcony door.** Naruto-san, I have a bone to pick with you.

Kakashi: are you going to be alright *sits beside Sasuke*

Sasuke: Yeah, (leans against Kakashi)

Kakashi: *wraps arm around him* I'm sorry, Sasuke. I should've stepped in sooner.

Kuina: About anything. If so much has happened, isn't there something you'd want to tell me about?

Temari: Ah, the drama.... *lies down and yawns*

Keiko: About Mommy and Daddy? .... I remember them

Naruto: *curls into a ball in the center of Neji's hammock* Go away.
Neji: *softly, to Itachi* I know you're unhappy with him, but he's hurting, too. Be a bit gentler. *to Naruto* We're not going away. You have some explaining to do.

Kuina: You do? What do you remember about them?

Itachi: Gomen, *opens door to balcony regardless of what Naruto wants*

Keiko: **softly** Everything: how Daddy took me on my first hunt, how Mommy used to sing to me, how we hid in a small cave from the Kotori,**bitterly** ..... how they died.

Kuina: *quietly, and a bit sadly* Ah... I see. *hugs Keiko*

Naruto: *curls further into himself, really quiet* I'm sorry.

Neji: *follows Itachi silently*

Itachi: *calmly* what for? we're trying to figure out what happened.

Keiko: *burries face in Kuina's fur**

Naruto: *pained, still quiet* Hurting him like that. He didn't deserve it.

Neji: * takes a seat on the hammock, gestures Itachi to do the same; agrees* No, he didn't.

Kuina: It'll be alright, Keiko. I'll be here for you, so you won't ever be alone....

Keiko: *looks up at Kuina* Promise?

Itachi: *remains standing, frowns but doesn't say anything*

Kuina: Promise.

Naruto: *flinches, buries face; quieter than before* Gomen.

Itachi: *face is unreadable* you shouldn't be saying that to either me or Neji-san, save it for your "best-friend". Instead of arguing all the time you should be cherishing what you have while you still have it. Don't repeat my mistake.

Naruto: *pained* I know. I didn't... I mean it's... It's not like I didn't know it as a joke. As things go, it as a pretty funny one... but... *sighs, rolls out onto side* I guess I'm still hurting, that's all.

Neji: *concerned* Naruto... what...?

Naruto: *smiles faintly at Neji* Sorry, white-eyes. Think I could have that tea now?

Neji: ...Of course. *stands and heads back in*

Naruto: *sits up, scrubs at hair; to Itachi* I have no idea how he knew to come downstairs. I could've /sworn/ he'd been out here -- he even left the book.

Itachi: *leans against railing, dead serious* Neji-san is hiding something himself it seems...
Nov. 17th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
Naruto: *slightly bitter laugh* Aren't we all? *looks sad*

Itachi: we all have our secrets … *sideways glance at Naruto* and I have no intent to press you for yours.

Itachi: but if it concerns my brother's well-being...**trails off** I'm sure you know what'll happen

Naruto: *hums* I didn't think you would. You don't like me, ne? *picks idly at his jacket sleeve, staying silent for a long while, abruptly, matter-of-fact* ...I'm in love with him, you know.

Itachi: I haven't learned to deal with peopl--- you what?

Naruto: *falls backwards* Sasuke. I'm love with him.

Itachi: **stays slilent** .....does Kakashi know? does anyone?

Itachi: most importantly, does Sasuke know?

Naruto: *shakes head* No. No one. *looks to the side* I'll never tell him. Not /ever./

Itachi: **closes eyes, furrows brow** then why tell me, of all people you could've told?

Naruto: *frowns, thinks for a moment, finally answering* I don't know, actually. I think Kakashi-sensei suspects, and tried to get me to tell him, but...

Itachi: what? you don't want him to think less of you or get depressed or something like that?

Naruto: Yeah. I guess. Kakashi-sensei's like that. *stays quiet for a moment* So's Sasuke.

Itachi: prehaps you and I... aren't so different. **feels out of his element** but if your worried about them thinking less of you... well I wouldn't worry so much about it.

Naruto: *hums* Maybe. I'm glad you've got Neji, though. He's a good guy, especially now that he's loosened up. *smile wryly* He used to have /such/ a stick up his ass. *closes eyes; nonchalant* I don't really remember a time when I didn't love him, yanno? Even though it took me forever to figure it out. *pauses* It's not really them thinking less of me. That'd hurt, yeah, but the whole village hates me as it is, so I'm pretty sure I'd adjust. It's that... they're happy together. It'd ruin it, knowing that I... *quiet* Sasuke's happier not knowing. And I really do want him to be happy.

Itachi: .... hnn that's what I though as well....*pauses** I thought Shisui would be better of not knowing I loved him, or how I thought Sasuke would be happier hating me for what I've done, that somehow hating me would give him something to live for. *pauses again* I'm not going to tell you what to decide, only you can do that. I'm no teacher, but I can give examples from experience.

Naruto: Huh. *sits up, offers Itachi a half grin* Prolly better off not telling ya 'bout those training trips then, huh? *looks down at his hands* I'll still be his friend, if he'll let me. He doesn't need to know that I feel more for me to do that. *looks up at Itachi, tilting his head* As for your not being a teacher... isn't that what a teacher is? Someone who guides others with their own past experiences?

Itachi: Understand that I do not give up things easily. .... and, and I'm not doing this because I like you either! It's. it's just because I don't want people to go through the hell I went through. Teachers are people who are fountains of information, this I am not.

Naruto: *stares at Itachi, dumbfounded* ... *cracks up, laughing loud and long*

Itachi: *growls showing a little of his impressive set of fangs**

Naruto: *speaking in-between laughs* K-Kakashi ---hee hee heee --- sensei? A -- HA HA HA -- a f-fountain of infor-- Ehee hee hee -- infomation? W-which -- Gee heh heh heh -- Kakashi-sensei have /you/ met?

Itachi: *sighs*

Neji: *amused* He does have a point, Itachi-san.

Itachi: I figured you were going to show up soon Neji-san

*to show

Naruto: *sqwacks, surprised, mid-laugh* How long have you been there?!

Neji: *raises eyebrow* Long enough to know Itachi-san doesn't think himself a good teacher. *steps out onto balcony, carrying a tray with tea and snacks on it* Are things better now?

Naruto: Eh heh heh... *scratches back of his neck, looks at Itachi*

Itachi: **looks at landscape behind him** so it would seem

Neji: *hums*
Nov. 17th, 2007 01:54 am (UTC)
Naruto: *hops up* Well... I think I'm gonna go. I gotta take care a' stuff. Thanks for talkin' to me, Itachi. An' for what it's worth, I think you'd be a good teacher. *grins and waves, heading out*

Neji: Are you sure? You never got your tea...

Naruto: *laughs* I'm sure. Never been much for the stuff, anyway. Thanks anyway!

Neji: *a bit exasperated* Anytime.

Naruto: *leaves*

Itachi: hnnn... *mumbles** I don't think I'll ever understand people. *louder* how annoying

Neji: *sets tray down by the hammock, then goes to stand by Itachi*

Neji: What is?

Itachi: Naruto, or maybe it's just people in general.

Neji: *laughs lightly* Naruto is hard to take at times. He just gets on your nerves worse and worse until one day you wake up and realize that you rather like him. *pauses* To an extent, that does describe most of humanity.

Itachi: perhaps though the "rather like him" stage has yet to hit.

Neji: *touches Itachi's arm lightly, gesturing to the tray with a tilt of his head* Tea?

Itachi: I'll pass this time, Neji-san. **goes to lay on hammock** Lie with me though will you?

Neji: *smiles, following* Please. You really have to ask?

Itachi: **smriks, pulls Neji down with him**

Itachi: who knows maybe your getting tired of me **nuzzels neck gently**

Neji: *laughs, snuggling into Itachi; eyes slipping to half-mast at the nuzzle* Mmm. Never. I can't think of a single thing I enjoy more than being with you.

Itachi: **takes in Neji's scent, murmurs** hn Good, I won't stand for any competition.

Neji: *snorts lightly, moving closer* Possessive bastard.

Itachi: hnn **nips playfully at neck** would you prefer your weasel any other way?

Neji: *gasps sharply, eyes closing fully; voice slightly shakey* Not really.

Itachi: *laughs quietly** it's been awhile, the marks are fading...

Neji: *opens eyes, arching an eyebrow* Oh? Don't tell me you plan on replacing them?
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