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The Birth of Keiko's nicknames.

Who: Naruto, Kakashi, Keiko, and Itachi
Warnings: A little agnst, and a shit load of fluff.

Sasuke: (rolls eyes again)

Naruto: Ha

Kakashi: Hello you two

Sasuke: Hello

Naruto: Hi Kakashi-sensei!!

Kakashi: ahh Naruto-chan glad to see you're still alive, I was worried Itachi might've killed you by now


Naruto: >.<


Naruto: No…


Kakashi: Quite frankly I’m surprised I’m still alive


Naruto: He made up with Neji remember?


Naruto: Thank Itachi


Kakashi: Itachi was quite upset that I kissed his boyfriend


Sasuke: 0_0 You kissed Neji, Kakashi?


Naruto: Neji wasn’t too happy about it either.


Kakashi: I had to Sasuke


Sasuke: Why?


Kakashi: it was the only way he was going to chase me out of that apartment


Sasuke: What? Explain?


Kakashi: Itachi and Neji broke up for a bit and Bunn-chan had me lure Neji out


Sasuke: ….


Naruto: …and had me play bait.


Kakashi: Poor Naruto had to lure Itachi out.


Naruto: BAIT!!!!!!   >.<


Kakashi: Bunny-mod-chan sends her apologies Naruto.


Sasuke: You guys are all insane


Kakashi: Sasuke… you’re not mad are you?


Sasuke:  …I guess not..  It was either that or death


Kakashi: If it helps Neji-san is a horrible kisser compared to you.


Naruto leaves the conversation


Sasuke: (is secretly proud)  Hm. I would think so.


Naruto is added to the convo


Kakashi: It’s true..


Sasuke: Good


Naruto: Eh? What’s true?


Sasuke: (blushes) Nothing


Naruto: What???


Sasuke: (growls) Nothing, usuratonkachi. NOw shut up


Naruto: *confused* That’s not fair…


Kakashi: What’s not fair Naruto-chan


Naruto: I don’t know what’s going on >.< I /hate/ that


Sasuke: I didn’t know you were a control freak dobe.


Kakashi: **is teasing**  if you feel like a third wheel Naruto I could always go get Bunny-chan


Sasuke: (snickers) then we’d be a car


Naruto: *growls* I'm /not/ a control freak, teme! I just don't like being left out!


((hey Sasuke don’t steal my line))


Sasuke: Heh


Sasuke: Ahhh… Shit.  Kakashi, you know that book you left at my house the last time you were over.


Kakashi: Yes… what about it.


Sasuke: …..well you see…………  It was on the couch……..and then it wasn’t …..And just a second ago Kaka-kitty walked past and I think….he had it in his mouth.


Kakashi: ….what………


Sasuke: It’s not ripped or anything!  But he ran away when I went to get it.  And that cat is fast!


Naruto: ….

Kakashi: **suppressing anger** well you named it after me for a reason.


Sasuke: (backs away) I’ll…. try and get it back (mumbles: before he rips it to shreds)


Kakashi: **heavy sigh** don’t worry about it Sasuke I have a back up copy


Sasuke: …………so that wasn’t the autographed one? Phew


Kakashi:  No I never let that one leave my house


Sasuke: Well that’s good cause I can see a page floating down the stairs right now. Naruto, you still there?


 Naruto: Yeah-huh. **silly grin** Guess the cat likes those stupid books too, huh?


Sasuke: Well, I named him after Kakashi for a reason.  Knew, I should’ve picked a different name.


Naruto: You’re too uncreative.  Didn’t we cover that?


Sasuke: Hn.  I could’ve named him Cat.


Naruto: There’s not really a difference, Sasuke.


Sasuke: ((I g2g for supper, buh bye))



Kakashi: I do believe there is a significant difference between my name and Cat.


Naruto: Not Really. Neither name took to much creative thought


Kakashi: hnn true I'll admit that much, but it is an effective way to either confuse people, and freak out the person the animal is named after. **thinks aloud** maybe I'll start naming my dogs after people in the village


Naruto: ….I don’t think the teme had that in mind when he picked the name.


Kakashi: Hmm?


Naruto: Eh?


Kakashi: **is pondering aloud again** hnnn one of the strays I feed looks a lot like Tsusade-sama...


Naruto: ….


Kakashi: *bright grin* Something wrong Naruto?


Naruto: You want to name a dog after Tsusade-baba?


Kakashi: Just think of her reaction ^_^


Naruto: Just think of her /punch/ She taught Sakura remember!


Kakashi: **waves it off** It’ll be fine ….crap where’s Sasuke when you need him.




Kakashi: He’s good with little kids ^^;; Bunny-chan and Itachi-san left me with Keiko.


Naruto: Keiko-chan?


Kakashi: Yeah, I have no idea what to do with her.  I feel bad just leaving her in the corner. 


Naruto: You're leaving her in a corner? KAKASHI-SENSEI!

Kakashi: not willingly!! She likes to hide there!

Naruto: *sounds exasperated* Aren't you supposed to be good at everything? You're some kinda /genius,/ aren't you?


Kakashi: I'd like to see you try!  She's scared stiff of humans. Sasuke is the only one that’s gotten her to talk so far.


Naruto: Hmph. Fine, where is she, then?

Kakashi: **points to nearby corner** Over there... don't scare her.

Naruto: *walks over and squats to Keiko's height, giving her his most dazzling, friendliest grin* Hiya, Keiko-chan! I'm Naruto, it's nice finally meet ya!

Keiko: **flinches slightly, tilts head upon smelling a "not human" scent on him.  Looks at him with wide amber eyes** .... **quietly**

Naruto: *still grinning* Wow, you're a really cute one, aren't ya? How old are you?

Keiko: **looks blank.** I-I don't kn-know

Naruto: No? Ah, well, that's alright. You'll remember someday.  *holds out a hand* Would you let me pick you up, Keiko-chan? I promise I won't drop ya.

Keiko: **hesitates... before placing a trembling hand in Naruto's**


Kakashi: **gentle grin as he watches from afar**

Naruto: *tugs lightly on Keiko's hand, helping her stand, then scoops her up and stnds up straight* There... that's not so bad, is it?

Keiko: **shakes head and clings gently**

Naruto: *snuggles Keiko and grins* I'm going to introduce you to my sensei, okay? You don't have to be scared, 'cause I'll hold you just like this the /whole/ time, I promise. Nii-chan will protect you, and you'll never get hurt, okay?

Keiko: **burries face in his chest** K-kay

Naruto: Okay. *pats Keiko's head* You're a brave one, huh? Not just cute.

Naruto: *walks back to Kakashi and grins at him* Keiko-chan, this is Kakashi-sensei. He's a little perverted, but he's relatively harmless, really. He's gonna protect you from being hurt too.

Keiko:**confused* perverted?


Kakashi: **smiles, to Naruto** good work Naruto-chan.  **tenderly to Keiko** Hello, cute-one.


Naruto: *grins at Kakashi* Heh. *looks at Keiko* Don't worry about it, Keiko-chan. You just have to remember that he's one of the good guys, okay? Kakashi-sensei's one of my heroes; I don't think he'd mind being one of yours, too, if you want.


Keiko: **nods, looks at Naruto adoringly** alright Nii-san


Kakashi: (thinks: Naruto, your more of a hero than I'll ever be)) Naruto is a hero in his own right Keiko-chan


Naruto: *looks up at Kakashi, startled* (Thinks: I'm a hero? I haven't done anything yet, though.) *grins back down at Keiko* See? He's not so bad, is he?


Keiko: **quietly** but humans are scary,  he's not like you and I.


Naruto: *startled* Of course he is, Keiko-chan. He's a little different, sure, but you shouldn't hold that against him. I'm a little different from you, too, right? And so's  Kuina. *bounces Keiko gently* Everyone's different, silly. It's what keeps the world from being boring. *snuggles Keiko again* But he's a lot like us. And he cares, which is what matters, okay?


Keiko: **is about to answer but starts to let out her child-like giggles when Naruto bounces her, snuggles back** Kay Nii-san!

Kakakshi: **grins wider** (thinks: Naruto has come along way)


Naruto: Good girl! *ruffles Keiko's hair playfully* I bet, if you ask him, Kakashi-sensei will buy you an ice cream. *looks to Kakashi, grinning happily* Won't you, Kakashi-sensei?


Kakashi: **sighs, but is obviously happy**  do you want one too Naruto-chan? What flavors do you want?


Keiko: **giggles before shyly answering Kakashi**  Strawberry please.


Naruto: Double chocolate chunk! *grins* I'll let you try some, too, okay Keiko-chan?


Kakashi: **head off to ice cream cart, to Naruto**  you might want to stay here with Keiko. **motions to cart** long line equals lots of humans


Keiko: **is now relaxed in Naruto's arms**


Naruto: *nods to Kakashi, grins more at Keiko* Hey, I think I see a merry-go-round right over there. Wanna go play on it while we wait?


Keiko: **looks confused** Merry-go-round??


Naruto: *looks surprised* You've never played on a merry-go-round?! C'mon, Nii-chan will show you! *walks over to the merry-go-round and sets Keiko on it* Now, hold onto this bar here, okay? There you go. *starts spinning the merry-go-round slowly, walking next to Keiko*


Keiko: **does as she's told and looks shocked when it starts to move, but smiles brightly**


Naruto: Let me know if you want me to change the speed at all, okay?

Keiko: **she nods and looks around the park until she sees the rest of the playground, eyes widen** What's that Nii-chan? **points to playground**

Naruto: Eh? *looks* Oh, there's a slide, and a see-saw, and a sand box, and swings... it's a nice playground, huh? Did you want to go over there?

Keiko: **looks bewildered but nods** yes please Nii-chan

Naruto: Okay! *stops the merry-go-round and helps Keiko off* Where would you like to start?

Keiko: **points to sand box** what's the big patch of dirt for?

Naruto: Mm, you can dig in it. Build sandcastles and things.


Keiko:**looks at sand box as Kakashi suddenly appears in the sand box** Mr. Perverted is back


Kakashi:  sorry I took so long ^_^


Naruto: *stifles a laugh at Keiko's name for Kakashi* Hey, sensei!! We were just playing on the merry-go-round.


Kakashi: **softly laughs, looks down at Keiko** you're a brave little girl, did you know that  Bunny-chan is dead terrified of those things?


Keiko: **shakes head no**


Naruto: She is?! They're so much fun, though... especially if you can get 'em going /really/ fast. *grins* It's hard to do with one person, but it's really worth it!


Kakashi: **hands Naruto ice cream** yes, I'm serious she avoids them like the plague... though I wouldn't doubt that whatever made her frightened of them, that Pauline had something to do with it **hands Keiko her's**


Keiko: thank you Mr. Perverted


Kakashi: **twitches** you're welcome Keiko-chan **sighs heavily** so it's finally come -_- She has even has a nick name for me now...


Naruto: *snickers at the nickname* Hai, arigato, Hentai-san. *licks ice cream* Mmm...this is good stuff, sensei. *sits on a nearby bench* You can play here, if you want, Keiko-chan. Kakashi-sensei and Nii-chan will stay right here and watch after you.


Keiko: Kay Nii-chan! **cautiously inspects playground**


Kakashi: **sits beside Naruto** Good job Naruto-chan, I'm proud of you.  She's made a lot of progress today...  I've never seen her laugh like that before.


Naruto: *looks up at Kakashi* Really? She's so sweet, though.


Kakashi: **smiles as he watches Keiko move around the playground**  it seems like it doesn't it.  It kinda makes you hope she never gets her memory back.  Some things are better left forgotten.


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Nov. 16th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
Naruto: *looks pensive* ...She…She'll be alright, sensei. She's not alone anymore; she's got you, and me, and Kuina, and Neji, Sasuke... Even if it /does/ come back, she'll be okay. She's pretty strong already.

Kakashi: You think so Naruto-chan?

Naruto: *nods and continues watching Keiko* Yeah. It's gotta be hard, yanno? Even if they were bad things, she doesn't remember anything. Not even how old she is, or when her birthday is. And there must have been good things, too, that's all gone now. Like her mom or her dad. Friends. *looks at Kakashi* Could you imagine? Waking up in pain, and not knowing why? Or what your name is? Or even why you're so scared? *turns back to Keiko and smiles* She's /really/ strong, Kakashi-sensei. I don't think I could do it; rebuilding myself like that.

Kakashi: Me neither... I had to rebuild once... and almost didn't make it... if I had to go through that I again... **trails off, pauses** ……….The poor girl doesn't sleep well either... I’ve never heard a person make such terrified noises in their sleep. Keiko wakes up crying every night... they must be pretty disturbing.

Naruto: *looks up at Kakashi, looking serious* You have Sasuke now, remember? And... Sakura-chan 'n me. You'd be alright, too. *grins* We're a team, remember? "Those who do not care for and support their fellows..."

Kakashi: "are worse than trash." It seems I've taught you well ^_^

Naruto: Hai. *ducks head and grins* I think so.

Keiko: **spots something crawling in the sand box: a scorpion, eyes light up** (thinks: soooo cute >.<)

Naruto: *idly eats ice cream* Kakashi-sensei?

Kakashi: **eyes leave Keiko** yes Naruto?
Keiko: **kneels to get a closer look**

Naruto: Do... do you think I'll be a good Hokage? I mean... would you mind serving under me like that?

Kakashi: you still have a long way to go, but once you get there I wouldn't think twice about working under you.
Keiko: **still wondering what the black thing is** (thinks: maybe I'll ask Nii-chan! He knows almost everything)

Naruto: *brightens* Really?

Kakashi: *nods* yes really, everyday you're getting closer.

Keiko: **scorpion is crawling closer much to Keiko's delight** **brightly** Nii-chan! What's this thing??

Naruto: Eh? *looks up and jumps out of his seat as he spots the scorpion* GAH! Here, hold this - *shoves his ice cream into Kakashi's hands and runs over to Keiko, scooping her up* Are you okay, Keiko-chan? It didn't sting you, did it?

Keiko: sting me? **shakes head, looks over at scorpion** It's cute isn't Nii-chan? What is it called?
Kakashi: **looks up as well** Shit! **runs over** Is she okay?

Naruto: *to Kakashi* She' fine. *to Kuina* That's called a scorpion, Keiko-chan. And you can't /ever/ let it prick you with it's tail, okay? It'll hurt you, and then Nii-chan and Kuina-nee-chan will be very sad. You don't want us to be sad, do you, Keiko-chan?
Nov. 16th, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
Kakashi: **forms a few quick seals and scorpion disappears** **looks extremely relieved** that was a little -too- close
Keiko: **nods only half understanding, hugs Naruto**

Naruto: *hugs Keiko back tightly, getting over the close call* Thanks, Keiko-chan. Do you want to get back down now?

Keiko: I wanna stay with Nii-chan ... comfortable... Is that okay?
Kakashi: **smirks underneath mask** She's going to be quite the hand full huh? ^_^ A cute one though

Naruto: That's fine. Come on, we can go sit down again and finish our ice cream.

Keiko: **is happy** Kay!
Kakashi: **goes to sit down**

Naruto: *bounces Keiko and follows Kakashi* Good!! ^_^ You can sit right in the middle, how's that sound?

Keiko: **giggles and nods**
Kakashi: **checks watch** hnn Itachi-san should be returning soon.
Keiko: Mr. Scary man?
Kakashi: Yes Keiko-chan ^_^

Naruto: *snorts and grins* Mr. Scary-man. That's awesome. Ne, Keiko, do you have a name for Neji yet?

Keiko: who's that?
Kakashi: the one who gave you that candy. **grins wildly at Naruto as he prepares for his reaction to the nickname**
Keiko: oh! Mr. Pretty-man!

Kakashi: *snorts*

Naruto: *busts into laughter*

Kakashi: *can't hold himself back and laughs along with Naruto*
Keiko: *is confused*

Naruto: *laughing loudly* M-Mr. Pretty Man!! That's /priceless/!!!

Kakashi: that was my reaction the first time I heard it too **wipes visible eye** Can't wait for Neji-san to find out.

Naruto: *nearly crying* I'd have thought /Sasuke/ would get a nickname like that - he's pretty, too - but it suits white-eyes WAY too well! *snickers and tries to calm down* Ee hee hee hee... Geez...

Kakashi: Keiko-chan why don't you tell Nii-san what Sasuke's nick name is?
Nov. 16th, 2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Keiko: Little Mr. Scary man??

Kakashi: **snickers** yes that's the one

Keiko: **has no idea why the names are funny**

Naruto: *collapses back into helpless laughter*

Kakashi: **has pulled up head band in order to wipe both his eyes while still laughing**

Keiko: **so confused**

Naruto: *doesn't bother wiping eyes dry* /LITTLE/ Mr. Scary Man!!!!!!

Kakashi: **between laughter** I -know-

Naruto: *trying to surpress laughter enough to speak* Hee hee hee hee... I... ha ha ha... I am so using that the next time I see him!!! HA HA HA!!!

Kakashi: **at the thought of it he laughs even harder**
Keiko: **points** Mr. Scary man is here
Itachi: **is a little shocked** So the mute speaks...

Naruto: *giggling insanely* Hell yeah, she speaks! Smart as a whip, too!

Itachi: *raises brow** ...
Kakashi: *still laughing* she's introduced him to "the Nicknames"
Itachi: …*grumbles** oh those

Naruto: *laughing happily* Kakashi-sensei's is 'Mr. Pervert.'

Kakashi: **rolls eyes*
Itachi: *amused* ... has Neji heard his yet?
Keiko: what's so funny?

Naruto: *shakes head, not wanting to put any effort into speaking*

Itachi: please tell me she has one for Naruto
Naruto: *smothers giggles enough too be smug* Keiko-chan, who am I?
Keiko: Nii-chan! **snuggles**

Naruto: *snuggles back, grinning insanely wide* That's my girl!

Keiko: My Nii-chan is the best person in the world!
Itachi: **looks like he's going to be sick**
Kakashi: she's just too cute.

Naruto: Aww!! *huggles Keiko adoringly* Keiko-chan is so sweet!!

Itachi: **looks even more disgusted** the girl has already been brain washed. Next thing we know she'll be wearing orange
Kakashi: *points out Keiko's pastel orange hair grinning wildly** they're a match made in heaven Itachi-san
Keiko: **is oblivious to comments and settles in Naruto's lap**

Naruto: *bounces Keiko on his knee playfully* What's wrong, Itachi? White-eyes not helping you relieve stress?

Keiko: **giggles**
Itachi: *growls* You will -not- refer to Neji-san as "white-eyes". As for anything else that is none of your business.
Kakashi: **sighs and takes out Itcha Itcha Violence**

Naruto: *blinks* Jealous much? It's not like I'm interested in him that way.

Itachi: I'm hardly jealous, It's disrespectful. The day I ever become jealous of you is the day Neji becomes a street whore
Keiko: street what?
Kakashi: nothing Keiko-chan

Naruto: *glares at Itachi* Watch your language 'round the kid, Uchiha. And it's a nickname. A sign of /friendship./ 'Cause Neji 'n I are /friends./ Loosen up and maybe you'll make some, too.

Itachi: *snarls*
Keiko: **tries to look at Kakashi's book curious**
Kakashi: **still reading trying to block Keiko's view**

Naruto: *pulls Keiko away from Kakashi's book, meeting Itachi's eyes easily* You're not gonna scare me, yanno.

Kakashi: **gives Naruto a thankful look and continues to read**
Keiko: **gives up and snuggles into Naruto's chest, resting eyes** (thinks: only for a minute)
Itachi: keep that up I might give you something to be afraid of.
Nov. 16th, 2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Naruto: *adjusts hold so Keiko's more comfortable and grins at Itachi* And end up in the doghouse with white-eyes, Itachi? Come on, relax a little. If I can be friends with Sasuke, I think I can manage it with you.

Itachi: I'm -nothing- like Sasuke. **annoyed sigh, looks around as if checking for anyone that would stop him from killing Naruto**
Keiko: **is in dreamland**

Naruto: *laughs* You're more like him than you think, then. That sigh just now was pure Sasuke. ...Actually, he gets that look a lot, too.

Kakashi: touche Naruto-chan
Itachi: whatever (thinks: why am I putting up with this?)

Naruto: *blinks at Itachi's tone of voice, eyes wide* Holy... it's a bigger Sasuke! It really is!! >.< *moans tragically, slumping back as best he can without disturbing Keiko* And probably as many hang-ups, too...

Itachi: shut. -up-. I wonder how people could stand you? the more I hear you talk the more my urge to kill you rises.

Kakashi: Bunny-chan would -not- be pleased with you Itachi-san
Keiko: *twitches in her sleep as if she's running, brow furrowed lightly**

Naruto: *nods* I get that from Sasuke a lot. *adjusts hold on Keiko, cuddling her to him* And Neji'd be pretty upset, too.

Itachi: *huffs and leans on nearby tree**
Kakashi: **looks at Keiko** she's not dreaming is she?

Naruto: If it's a bad one, I'll take care of it. *looks to Itachi* So, teme's onii-san. What are your intentions towards Neji?

Itachi: What are you talking about?
Kakashi: **nods** thanks Naruto (thinks: *inward smile* you're probably the best thing that's happened to that girl)
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