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A Very Old SasuNaru

Who: Sasuke, Naruto
Warnings: Fluff again? Cloud watching 


 Naruto: *massive bear hug* HIIIIIIIIIIIIII TEEEMEEE!!!!! ^_______^

Sasuke: (nearly loses his balance, but pats Naruto on the back) Hello, dobe. I see you’ve found some sugar

Naruto: *leans back, bouncing on the balls of his feet and nodding happily* Pixie sticks!!!

Naruto: GIANT -purple- pixie stix!!!!!

Sasuke: (smacks forehead) God help us all

Naruto: What? I've only had three! ^__^

Naruto: Want one?

Sasuke: (glares) I don't think so

Naruto: But they're so -gooo~~~oood....- *pulls out two more giant purple pixie stix* ^___^

Naruto: 'M gonna have another!!!

Sasuke: Don't. You. Dare (makes a grab for the pixy sticks)

Naruto: *bounces out of reach* They're great, teme!! You should really try one~~~!!!

Sasuke: (growls) Naruto, if you eat one more of those...*things* I'm going to have to hurt you.

Sasuke: Either that or call Sakura

Naruto: *pauses, whines* But Sasu~~keeee~~~~ I've only HAD three!!!!

Sasuke: *Only*?? Naruto, those sticks are nothing put pure sugar

Naruto: *chirping* Uh-huh!!

Sasuke: God. As if you weren’t hyper enough already without the sugar.

Naruto: *bounces again, safely stores the sugar, and launches another hug attack on Sasuke* SASU-CHAN!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Sasuke: (stumbles) Holy, fuck, dobe!! Don't take it out on me!!!

Sasuke: Damn it, I'm going to get Sakura if you don't wisen up

Naruto: *still pretty much wrapped around Sasuke* Aww.... Don't be like that, Sasu-chan!! Loosen up a little!! *gives Sasuke a big wet kiss on the cheek* It's a -sunny- day!!!

Sasuke: (eyes widen comically) Wh... N-Naruto!! Get off!!!

Sasuke: Pervert!

Naruto: *laughing loudly and not moving* Sasu-chan... *breaks off into laughter* Y...your... *another peal of laughter* Your face... *more laughing*

Sasuke: (growls) Get off Naruto, before I make you

Naruto: *falls over, laughing hysterically, trying to still hold Sasuke* I LOVE SUGAR!!!!!!!!

Sasuke: I can see that

Naruto: *spreads out on the ground, laughing breathlessly* Lay down, teme. It's comfy...

Sasuke: (sighs and gingerly sits beside Naruto) You are such a dobe (small grin)

Naruto: *grins and pulls Sasuke down by the back of his shirt* And yer a teme. Don't hear me complaining, though, ne?

Sasuke: (laces hands behind his head and lays down more comfortably) Hn. I guess.

Naruto: *stretches and relaxes* Ahhh... pretty day...

Sasuke: Huh. We're acting very Shikamaru-like

Naruto: *grins lopsidedly* Yeah, well... sometimes he's got the right idea. *points at a cloud* That one looks like a Rasengan.

Sasuke: (rolls eyes) No shit, dobe. The Rasengan isn't a very complicated shape

Naruto: *attempts to hit Sasuke half-heartedly* Teme. There, that one looks like a poodle.

Sasuke: A poodle? I don't know how you see that. They all look like condensed air to me.

Naruto: *rolls eyes* Ugh.  A cloud is a mass of visible frozen crystals all condensed and suspended in the atmosphere, so what? Be creative, won't you? And it does so look like a poodle.

Sasuke: (blinks) Since when did you get yourself a brain?

Naruto: Eh. Always had one. *waves a hand idly in the air* Easier to beat the crap out of people that underestimate you.

Sasuke: Hn.

Naruto: There, that one's the crazy cat from when we were genin.

Sasuke: (looks up at the clouds and frowns) A bit... if you squint

Naruto: Nuh--uh-!! It's a perfect replica!

Sasuke: Sure it is. Where's the tail?

Naruto: *squints at the cloud for a second, then points* Right... there!!

Sasuke: ..... I think I see it....

Naruto: Ugh. How can you miss it? It's right -there.-

Sasuke: (sighs) I don't have a wild imagination like you

Naruto: *snorts* Yeah, but you should have -some. - Fine, you find a shape.

Sasuke:  (looks around the sky) Hmm, (points) that one looks like a kunai

Naruto: *squints* No way. More like an arrow.

Sasuke: .... Same difference

Naruto: Nuh-uh.

Sasuke: Yes. A kunai looks like an arrow. They both have pointed ends

Naruto: *makes an exasperated sound* So? They look -nothing- alike!!

Sasuke: Hn, fine. You find a shape

Naruto: *searches the clouds* There. Those look like the Sharingan -- you should be able to see -that.-

Sasuke: ... How can a cloud look like the sharingan??

Sasuke: It looks more like some screwed up star

Naruto: *Squawks indignantly* DOES NOT!!

Sasuke: (smirks) Yes it does.

Naruto: It -does not, - you unimaginative freak!

Sasuke: You must still be high on those pixie sticks, dobe. That is not a sharingan you are seeing.

Naruto: *smacks Sasuke* Is too!

Sasuke: (hits Naruto back) Stop acting like a child

Naruto: *pouts* Jerk.




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